This ministry started with 4 people in June 2002 by having a first regular two-hour worship and prayer watch in Prague after coming back from a conference called “Harp and Bowl”, held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The local church that hosted the Conference invited guests from the International House of Prayer Kansas City. This House of prayer had been going on constantly 24 hours/day, 365 days/year for 3 years already. During this time the Salvation Army congregation in Prague Smichov was offering their premises for prayer activities of various subjects. We accepted their offer, however, since we were too loud for the neighbours, we moved after few months to a better acoustically separated prayer room at the Methodist Church congregation on 28. pluku street, Prague 3.

That year a great amount of land was donated by a Czech-Australian believer for the purpose of building a Prague center – International House of Prayer Prague (“IHOPP“). The building project is currently in the process .

People serving in the IHOPP teams are sent into this ministry by their home churches and congregations and their home church leadership guarantees to cover the expenses connected with this ministry.

The two hours slots are regular that means every week. Only when IHOPP was organizing or took part in other events which collided with the regular prayer watch, the time slots were canceled.

The gatherings are open to public, however they are led by committed team members. There is a special

microphone set up for the attenders, and we expect them to join in the current prayer topic. That’s why we recommend reading a connected verse or verses from the Bible and pray coherently not more than 30 seconds so that it’s clear to all what the intercessor has on his/her heart.

In case of interest to be involved in this ministry, that means to become a leader, we invite these to be committed and to become members of a leading team. We are expecting complete teams (and individuals) to join, worship teams that already serve for some time in their churches and are sent by their local church. Such can create one of other unattended 84 two hour watches during a week.

People serving in leading teams remain under authority olf their local churches and are sent out into this ministry by them.

Alena Krausova, the only current long term Czech missionary of prayer in Israel

The IHOPP foundation supports Sudan Prayer mountain in Kaya, Sudanese Christian Ministries SCM.