Prayer Watch on Mondays

Starting on the March 23rd, 2015, the weekly Monday Watch is open again after a five weeks interruption. You can participate in the worship and prayer watch every Monday from 19 through 21 o’clock, as always at Na Žertvách 23, Praha 8, in the Big Hall (Velký sál). The spring started just the last Friday and it represents a new season. I believe that God has prepared new things for us!


The previous worship gathering (FYW) took place on May. Here are three photo galleries from the event: 1st gallery, 2nd gallery, 3rd gallery.
You can look forward for the next one on June 12th, 2015. The time from 7:00 p.m. to midnight and the address Big Hall (Velký sál), Na Žertvách 23, Praha 8, are still valid. Such ceremonies are held more or less regularly usually in the middle of every month.

Previous Events

European Convocation 2014

This event took place in Prague on May 8th through 11th, 2014. Thank you all very much for your participation. Currently, a photo gallery is at your disposal (you can look at it here).

Convocation 2013 and 2011

Dear intercessors and friends of the 24/7 vision (IHOPP – David’s tabernacle in the harp and bowl way),

thank you all for being a part of the European Youth Convocation 2013 in Prague.
We’re touched and astounded by what the Holy Spirit did during this event.

This convocation exceeded our expectations in ways that we could have never imagined.

We believe that God ignited a new flame of passion, love, devotion, willingness to carry His burden, and desire to serve him with our lives in discipline and without compromise! We believe that he awakened a desire and willingness to pay the price for a life in holiness and separation for his intentions, as well as opening many hearts to understand the role the Church has towards Israel.

We believe that through the worship, praise, prophetic acts and His Words, the gathered group of God’s people stepped into a further level of relationship with Him and became a part of His plan; we know this will have a practical and visible effect on the home communities of the attendees. We believe that God’s will was released for not only the Czech Republic, but for Europe as well.

“Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ.”
Philippians 3:8

Pictures from the Convocation can be found on facebook (gallery no. 1, no. 2, no. 3, no. 4).

You can also watch a video with the collective dance at Wenceslas Square (the outreach lead by German YWAM team, a part of Convocation 2013).

More videos, a summary of prophetic words and other interesting materials can be found on this year’s convocation website in this historical section.

Deep To The Word Conference

This conference went on June 24th and 25th 2011. It was organized by IHOPP, while the main lectures and prayers were given by a team from IHOP Kansas City, that consisted of 9 members.

You can download the recording using the Media link.

Thanks to the Lord, we could have had a great time in His presence, His word and with His bride.

You can also see some pictures on this link.

Information about IHOPP watches

Since September 2012, there has been a two-hour worship watch every Monday from 19 to 21 o’clock. It is open for intercessors from various Churches. If God has put the 24/7 vision in your heart, you are welcome here to worship with us.

Thank you for your support and prayers for building a 24/7 prayer-worship watch in our city. We are longing for fulfilling this vision more and more and we expect for more Christians from Prague’s Churches to join us. We need those, who have been called by the Lord to stand on the Prague’s spiritual city wall!

We also invite you to a regular night worship given once a month on Friday at 19 o’clock. We will keep you updated about the exact dates in here and also on FB IHOPPrague websites.

Thank you for your understanding.

“My power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9